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A Field Guide to Conservation Finance

A comprehensive book on land conservation financing for community and regional conservation leaders. A Field Guide to Conservation Finance provides essential advice on how to tackle the universal obstacle to protecting private land in America: lack of money.

PRAISE FOR "A Field Guide To Conservation Finance."

“A Field Guide to Conservation Finance sets a new standard for land trusts and land conservation. Story Clark has created a remarkable road map for linking passion for place with vital, sophisticated technical and financial skills. She shows us that the business of land conservation can — and must — be learned by anyone who is committed to passing the legacy of special places on to future generations.”
--Jean Hocker, President, Conservation Service Company, LLC and President Emeritus, Land Trust Alliance.

“This book belongs on the director's desk of every environmental group in the country: in it the fear of raising money is replaced by an understanding of what it means to give. Raising money is always about relationships, our relationship toward the land and each other. Who could imagine a book about money to be a book about love?”
--Terry Tempest Williams, Author of The Open Space of Democracy and Refuge

“Story Clark begins her wonderfully helpful book by noting that ‘conservation finance is the best place where people, land, and money meet,’ but it is surely not the only place. Her guide will help make the best place commonplace. If widely used, this field guide will keep all our other field guides relevant.”
--Gus Speth, Dean of the School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, Yale University

“You can’t make a smart, successful deal or build a successful land conservation effort without the knowledge and information you get from this book. Anyone who has to make and negotiate deals should have a copy.”
--Michael Mantell, Founder of Resources Law Group and Former Undersecretary for Resources for California

"I cannot recall the last time I read a self-help / how-to book worthy of four stars! Story Clark's A Field Guide to Conservation Finance is both a testament to her knowledge and experience working with land trusts but also her ability to communicate wisely and effectively sound advice for land trusts of any size and scope..."
--Paul D. McNair, Executive Director of The Land Trust Alliance of British Columbia

Table of Contents

Foreword by Roger C. Altman


Chapter 1 Organizational Readiness
Chapter 2 Financial Readiness
Chapter 3 The Deal
Chapter 4 Legal and Ethical Considerations


Chapter 5 Raising Money
Chapter 6 Traditional Fundraising Methods
Chapter 7 Traditional Fundraising Plans and Sources
Chapter 8 Voluntary Surcharges
Chapter 9 Transfer Fees


Chapter 10 Borrowing Money
Chapter 11 Bank Lending
Chapter 12 Seller Financing
Chapter 13 External Revolving Loan Funds
Chapter 14 Internal Protection Funds
Chapter 15 Foundation Program-Related Investments


Chapter 16 Reducing Costs
Chapter 17 Putting It All Together



Click below for appendices and templates related to programs discussed in this book:

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 6

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 11

Chapter 12

Chapter 13

Chapter 14

Chapter 15

Chapter 16

About the author:

Story Clark is the author of "A Field Guide to Conservation Finance," an accessible, hands-on guide to finding money to conserve land and water. Ms. Clark is a professional conservationist who has helped conserve land throughout the United States and internationally. Her specialty is innovative financial strategies for conservation.

Ms. Clark is currently working on the second volume of "A Field Guide To Conservation Finance." She is looking for case studies on conservation finance innovations - small & large.

Ms. Clark welcomes invitations to speak on this subject as a way of introducing conservationists to the array of financial tools.