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New Ideas & Innovations in Conservation Finance

Conservation finance, innovations, case studies, and questions are

I spend my days researching and developing new conservation finance techniques. My goals are to learn and share. Along the way, I like to try out innovations myself. I am currently developing a conservation investment fund and a conservation phone application.

I talk to land trusts, investors, funders and researchers. I am always looking for interesting case studies especially from mid-size and small land trusts because I think smaller organizations attempting bigger challenges is particularly inspirational. I like to hear about difficulties and setbacks as well as successes because we learn from those, too. Any conservation innovation is interesting to me.

Topics to be discussed in Volume II of A Field Guide To Conservation Finance are on the left column. Please offer here:

- Any stories or case studies about using any of these conservation finance
tools or variations (see list on left)
- Other conservation finance tools
- Suggestions of other ways to raise or leverage funds for conservation

Thank You!

In resort areas particularly, open space is a valuable commodity and can be leased out with little impact for such recreational activitites as ballooning (as pictured here near Teton Village, WY).

For more information on tools, techniques, and sources described in A Field Guide To Conservation Finance, please visit at the Island Press website.