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I am the founder and CEO of TravelStorysGPS, a Wyoming-based company that presents GPS-triggered audio stories and rich media to travelers. A powerful tool for economic development, our mobile technology uses authentic storytelling to help businesses, public agencies and nonprofit institutions engage new audiences, strengthen branding, promote their missions and enrich travel experiences. We work with clients nationwide to build multimedia, GPS-triggered audio tours that launch hands-free for any type or speed of travel.

Whether you are travelling by car, bus, ferry, bike or on foot, the TravelStorys experience invites you to plan, explore and stay longer. App users can travel at their own pace, listening to stories that play automatically at precise locations. Take our tours on-site or from the comfort of your home. Once the tours are downloaded, they can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere – no data or cell service is required.

TravelStorys tours explore a wide range of locations, from scenic roads, byways, trails, greenways and bike paths to downtowns, art walks, historic sites, parks and refuges. Authentic, local stories share the history, culture, geology, ecology and wildlife unique to each location, creating memorable experiences for travelers. Multiple channels can even be offered to target an audience’s age, interests or native language.

As a mission-driven company, we support the efforts of our nonprofit sponsors and partners by promoting these organizations’ efforts in our tour narrations, providing a patented text-to-give donation process and connecting users to their websites.

TravelStorys is an innovative storytelling tool that entertains users traveling through special places and helps to raise money for the nonprofit organizations working to protect those places and support their local communities.

This exciting mobile app gives travelers a new way to enjoy the surrounding landscape. GPS-triggered audio stories, which combine engaging, entertaining narration with music, images, text and other interesting links, accompany you along your route.

Download the app for free on the App Store or Google Play – or go to to learn more.